About our company
We carry a various kind of OEM aftermarket parts and welcome any kind of individual customer design
as well. All inquiries about our products are more than welcome.

Bailey. Co. LTD-Taiwan was well established in the year of 1977.
We are a major supplier for leading companies of the Motorcycle Industry in North America, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Bailey's over 30 year Industry experience and Market know how reflects a high reputation all over the world. BAILEY CO. LTD is specialized in the manufacturing and distributing of the following sections:

ĦE Parts & Accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles
ĦE Parts & Accessories for Japanese-Bikes
ĦE Parts & Accessories for all Custom-Cruisers
ĦE Parts & Accessories for European and Taiwanese bikes
ĦE Custom Design for special Parts

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